How It Works:

From the moment of contact we work closely with your marketing team and in many instances also with your exhibit providers in order to ensure that every consideration is given to delivering an outstanding result driven show. The key areas that we work with you on are:

1.Creation of a compelling Integrated Informercial:

This entails the development of a script that brings together your key business messages which we will form into a highly compelling informercial. (An infomercial is like an extended elevator pitch)

In developing this, our strategy is aimed at generating large numbers of prospective customers onto your stand and then turning these into sales leads. This means that our infomercial needs to to be delivered as a clear and concise commercial. This of course is the strength behind our integrated corporate magic which focuses attention on your key business messages, corporate magic is compelling, it holds the attention of those watching and avoids all the pitfalls of death by PowerPoint!


It is well documented by market research that a trade show magician will do more to promote your company, impact your prospective customers with your sales message than any other form of promotion, give-aways, prize draws, or entertainment ideas.

Trade Show Magic will ensure that you achieve the strongest promotional advantage at the show and obtain a real return on your investment.


  1. Decide on the best presentation medium:

Our presentations are available in two styles, both aimed at providing maximum impact for a unique and powerful crowd draw.

  1. a. Aisle Presentations

An Aisle Presentation is an easy and ideal way to give your exhibit a strong creative and compelling means of engaging your audience, no matter how large or small your stand size may be. An aisle presentation will add life, energy and customer focus to your exhibit whilst ensuring the dynamic delivery of your business message without requiring large amounts of space. An aisle presentation requires no more than a 3×3 footprint, ideally facing the busiest aisle in order to ensure maximum crowd draw.

Aisle Presentations are a one-person show, that has been specifically customised incorporating magic illusions that enable us to carry your key messages. They require no additional staff or additional space. This is a proven cost effective performance solution that combine showmanship, guaranteed to increase the number of potential customers visiting your exhibit.

As an Example:
Every 30 to 40 minutes our corporate trade show presenter will build a crowd and deliver an ten to 12 minute highly energetic structured infomercial presentation compelling and capturing attendees attention.

During the presentation, prospective customers become involved with the business message, they experience thought reading illusions that are spectacularly linked into your company’s track-record and product benefits, they will see paper printed with your company’s logo turn into real money, emphasising the profit and growth potential available to them. An audience member will secretly write down the time of an important appointment, which we will have predicted in advance, enabling him to point out the time savings obtainable from your product solution.

b.Theatre-Style Presentations

Theatre-Style Presentations are specifically aimed for customers with large exhibit space and have already made a decision that they want to have a high impact crowd draw. Theatre style presentations provide the highest level of visibility, impact, crowd draw and message exposure. These style presentation entail a full stage and customer seating area. Presentations utilising this medium by us are custom designed and embody a totally immersive customer experience covering message delivery, together with a business driven theatrical experience. Sales staff following this form of presentation are afforded a real opportunity to engage with visitors, discuss and qualify sales potential.