The Trade Show Magic Group

Amaze – Engage – Inform – Inspire

You only have 30 seconds to convince individual prospects to stop by your exhibit!

Those potential prospects having had no previous contact with your company have a timeframe that is often limited to a single glance and a chance that they may stop and engage with you. More often than not they continue to walk past resulting in a loss of business opportunity.

“So, just how do you intend to compete and get the results you know you deserve?”

We will provide you with a strong competitive advantage guaranteeing results which go far beyond any other promotional trade show activity.

Our Promotional Show Strategy will consistently deliver greater numbers of potential customers onto your exhibit, provide you with increased sales opportunities and a real return from your show investment!

Our approach is designed to break down psychological barriers, instantly engage and compel potential prospects to stop and involve themselves with your sales message. Your sales staff will be provided with increased opportunities to engage effortlessly with pre-qualified prospective customers and achieve genuine sales leads.

The Magic Group will:

  • Ensure that you attract more potential customers to your exhibit.
  • Communicate, Educate and Inform them with your sales message.
  • Generate sales leads.
  • Qualify potential clients.
  • Consolidate and build relationships.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Raise your company profile.
  • Amaze your potential customers and leave them with a lasting positive impression of your company.

We have been helping major corporations across the globe achieve outstanding results for over 25 years.

“InfoSecurity Europe 2014 exceeded our expectations. A 64% increase in contacts made compared to 2013 and significant leads and opportunities identified in our post-show follow up. Marc Paul’s performance was a key component to our show success as he captured the crowds and delivered our brand message with his tailored infotainment. Partnering with Trevor Liley and The Magic Group early and collaborating on our infotainment messaging, stand design and lead generation strategy really paid off for us.“

Matt Walmsley
Endace portfolio, Emulex

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