Introducing The Trade Show Magic Group

Giving Your Exhibit The Competitive Advantage

Let’s face it, you attend a trade show event with the key objective of winning new prospective customers and increasing your sales pipeline. Being there is not an end in itself, its vital that you achieve a real return from your show investment! You know that the competition on the trade show floor will be fierce, and that you will need to differentiate your companies approach and provide existing and potential customers with a highly focused and compelling experience, one that reinforces the value and benefits offered by your companies products and services.

The Big Question?

How and what are you going to do to reach the maximum number of new prospects, educate them, qualify them and leave them with a positive impression?

The Solution

The Trade Show Magic Group, will help you to maximise your sales opportunities and help ensure your trade show success.

The Team have over 25 years experience representing fortune 500 companies around the world and know what it takes to succeed in the highly challenging and competitive world of trade shows.

With the increased demand for infotainment services, Founder Trevor Liley made the decision to bring together a team of corporate magicians – infotainers who can provide you with that competitive advantage. Each member of the Trade Show Magic Group have a proven track record and are experts at attracting crowds of prospective customers.

They will communicate your companies sales message, generate and increase the number of qualified sales leads.

We have the attractor-factor and the know-how that enables us to increase customer traffic onto your exhibit and generate sales leads by as much as 300%”.

Our Aim

The aim of the Magic Group is to ensure that you avoid the many pitfalls that there are when attempting to employ a trade show magician/infotainer and obtain the results you need and require.

Over the years and in recent months, we have seen good magicians employed on a companies exhibit but through a lack of sales expertise and infotainment skills they have failed to achieve the hopes of the company’s sales and marketing team.

Our team have proven themselves with some of the biggest names in the business, they are among the top trade show magicians from around the world whose focus and aim is to ensure that you get the highest ROI and achieve the results you desire.

The Team provides you with a safe pair of hands, we understand your challenges and know what is needed to ensure your trade show success.