Seth Kramer

seth-kramerCrowds are guaranteed when you’ve got Seth Kramer on your trade show sales team.

Seth has spent the past 25 years conquering nearly any condition you might face on the trade show floor. With more than 500 trade shows under his belt, Seth has the experience to stop and gather crowds while simultaneously delivering a seamless, customised presentation about your company and products.

Our clients rely on Seth to present their businesses in the most professional light imaginable. So from the beginning, as with all the Trade Show Magic Group, Seth immerses himself in your product’s details to such an extent that by the time he’s representing your company at the show, he’s “so well versed that he is often mistaken for a full-time employee of the company that hired him.

Seth is an internationally acknowledged sleight-of-hand expert, and as with all our customised presentations, Seth’s act is extremely visual. He is well known throughout the exhibit industry for his attention to detail and is equally comfortable presenting in a business suit, or your corporate logo shirt; even in short sleeves!

One thing’s for certain. With Seth Kramer on your sales team, your company and your product will be the star of the show.

“.Seth,Your ability to integrate our corporate philosophy into your presentation has put us in the enviable position of having hundreds of qualified leads to follow-up on. While I have planned numerous trade shows for MedTech over the last six and a half years, this by far was the most enjoyable and most productive”

The MedTech Group
(Vention Medical)